The MCC advantage

Does it make sense to get a coach?

I have a First class degree and two internships on my resume. I did it all myself. Why would I need coaching now?

The best vs. the top

You have always outsmarted everyone. But that is true of each and every other candidate you are in competition with.

A tier game

No consultancy is bad, but they are not all the same. You’ll work 15 hours a day, you know. But doing it in the top firm or in the 4th best is very different. And where you start your career will also influence what you will do 10, 20 and 30 years from now.  

It’s the first BRUSH stroke  that defines a masterpiece. Maximize your chances of starting with the right stroke.

What's the admission rate for your customers?


standard admission rate: 3% to 5%

From 3% to 5% of applicants manage to get into top-3 management consulting firms

mcc admission rate: 35% to 40%

From 35% to 40% of candidates who received coaching from My Consulting Coach manage to get into top-3 management consulting firms. The sample includes candidates who practised at least 4 case interviews with us.  

Impact of coaching by area

Coaching from our Mentors has consistently made a difference in all areas of the application process. Maximise your chances by choosing one of our Bespoke Programmes, designed to bring you up to speed on all areas of the consulting toolbox.